Kyra Sedgwick sucks and bangs in an elevator

September 14th, 2016 by J

Wild quickie in an elevator

Her massive breasts will make any man want to stick their cock in between and give a nice titty-fuck. This is just one of the naughty things Kyra Sedgwick got from a horny jock she met inside an elevator. She sucks on his boner and gets plowed deep until he cums all over her.

Nasty Kyra Sedgwick drinks piss

April 20th, 2016 by J

Everything is good and delicious with bacon, same with a hot feisty woman married to a man named Kevin Bacon for almost 30 years. Kyra Sedgwick must be really really tempting and yummy all throughout the years they’ve been together for Bacon to not try other delicacies that he might find a tad bit more flavourful. Oh, and there was the part when Sedgwick was actually a curvy woman with the massive breasts and spanking ass, so I guess that would solve the mystery for how these celebrities kept the fire going. You see, before going under the knife and doing some facial changes, Bacon had some fun stuff to share with his wife and this includes some nasty hobby of recording their nastier fetishes at home.

Hardcore horny Kyra Sedgwick drinking hubby’s warm piss on cam!

Admiring her meaty tits and sexy round ass on cam, Sedgwick likes playing a slave to her hubby by doing absolutely anything he asks when it comes to sex. Role playing as this filthy naked skank licking the entire toilet bowl for leftover piss and probably shit, she does this with a smile on her face a few giggles here and there. The cringe-worthy scene doesn’t stop there. After getting her tongue all dirty with all the germs and bacteria from that piss and shit deposit thingy, she gets to play with the hubby’s boner a bit until he fills her mouth with his warm piss. This caused her to gag over and over but it looked as if she was born to please this man even if it means eating his shit straight from that hairy ass too. Can’t deny how much Sedgwick is enjoying all these garbage and they clearly belong together as they have the same passionate desire for the same crazy stuff.

Genuine MILF Kyra Sedgwick naked pics

April 14th, 2010 by kiko

If you’re wondering what a genuine MILF looks like, well, you’re staring right at her. Yup, people call Pam Anderson, Jennifer Coolidge, and even, what the hell, Angelina Jolie, MILFs. But those bitches don’t have the looks to be crowned the mother we’d all like to fuck; if you’ll analyze the acronym, chicks that deserve the title still need to have that motherly/wholesome vibe cruising along their sex appeal, hence the M for Mom. Pam Anderson is too much of a whore to be called one, and she has plastic boobs so she doesn’t count.l Jennifer Coolidge just got in for having popularized it in American Pie, but her spirit, if you will, isn’t that MILFy. And Angelina Jolie? If I fuckin’ adopted a cageful of third world kids without ever ripping my pussy open in childbirth (and mind, I don’t have one), would you call me a real mom? Er, no offense to adoptive parents out there, I was just making a point on Angelina Jolie’s status as a ‘mom’.

So I hope I’ve made my point. If you want a close look at the MILFy goodness that’s Kyra Sedgwick, go on and hit the link.

Kyra naked and fucked in Singles

April 14th, 2010 by kiko

Kyra Sedgwick is featured in another fuck scene in the movie Singles. The plot of the story isn’t relevant to what I’m here for, so let’s just skip the hot sex scene. Kyra Sedgwick is featured having sex with Campbell Scott in their bedroom, and the two are so in the groove that they tumble off the bed and continue kissing and groping each other’s parts. From my previous post on The Woodsman, you saw a much older Kyra Sedgwick getting fucked, while in this film, you get to see her tits and pussy much earlier; 1992 to be exact, which makes her, what, 26 years old. So what you’re seeing in this scene is pussy that’s 26 years fresh…or ripe, if you’ve got high standards when it comes to freshness.

Anyway. So Kyra Sedgwick’s pussy that’s 18 years younger. You going to hit it or what? Click to watch Kyra Sedgwick’s hot fuck scene from Singles.

Kyra Sedgwick fucked in The Woodsman

April 14th, 2010 by kiko

Kevin Bacon is one lucky bastard to have been given a chance to squeeze Kyra Sedgwick‘s mommy tits and pin them against his body as he rocks her pussy with his cock in this scene from The Woodsman. You might not want to hear the story, but if your perverted mind is the curious type, the film stars Kevin Bacon as a child molester who’s just been let out of prison for twelve years, who strikes a steamy romance with Kyra Sedgwick’s character. Upon learning Kevin’s past, Kyra is repulsed and does not wish to see him again, but eventually, her itching cunt draws her back to him, as evidenced by this hot fuck scene.

I don’t usually like bed scenes in films, because they tend to become a hazy montage of the act, without really giving you a clear view of the action. (That’s why people turn to porn, but that’s a completely different story) But in this scene, there are intimate closeups of the faux-fucking Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are doing that give us a very nice view of her tits, especially one shot where Kyra’s tits are pushed up against Kevin’s body, giving us a bloated view of her titties, complete with the little nubs around her hard nipple. If you want a clear view of her titties, you can go and watch Kyra Sedgwick’s fully nude fuck scene in The Woodsman by clicking on the link.